Voiceovers and Videos

Do you need a friendly, caring, or enthusiastic female voice for your video, presentation, or voice mail greeting? Consider hiring me to record your voiceover.


I have just entered my second year of experience as a voiceover artist. I have recorded numerous outgoing voice mail greetings, marketing videos, and website introduction videos. Upon request, I can also record myself reading a script into a webcam.

I am a native U.S. English speaker and have a fairly standard U.S. accent. I grew up in Southern California, outside of Los Angeles.


I play ‘Rachel’ in this video, which is my first appearance as a voice actor in an animated production:

I narrated this video:

I also narrated the video that plays automatically when you first visit the website below. This video represents the best of my sales and marketing voiceover work.

EPublicityPR.com Home Page

Terms and Technical Specs

I make all my voice-only recordings on a Blue Snowball microphone, and can provide them to you as .wav files or as high-quality, 320-kbps .mp3 files. I record videos on a Microsoft LifeCam (maximum resolution: 640×480) and can convert them into any format needed.

I offer these services through Fiverr.com, so my rates are $5 for any voice recording that runs 5 minutes or less when completed, and $5 per 500 spoken words per video. Larger projects can be split up into multiple $5 orders.

No reviews, testimonials, or explicit content, please.

How to Hire Me

I am available for hire as a voiceover artist exclusively through my gig page at Fiverr.com. Per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, all communication with me regarding the services described on this page must be conducted exclusively through the Fiverr.com site. Comments on this page are closed for that reason. You’ll need to create a free account to communicate with me and any of the other sellers on Fiverr, but Facebook Connect is available.

Click the “Order Now” button on this page to order a voiceover from me.

Click the “Order Now” button on this page to order a video from me.

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