The Transmuted: Day 4’s Writing

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“Yes, Your Majesty,” said Rod.  Then, startling, he addressed Enrico directly.

“We are not referring to the stables where the horses live,” he clarified.  “There is a separate complex of stables where the mechanical men reside when they are not working.  Follow me.  And since I’m sure you’re wondering: No, I cannot hear what you’re thinking, but I can guess at it.”

Enrico nodded and followed Rod out of the hall of justice.

They went through a small, narrow side gate in the castle wall, hidden in a spot where it couldn’t be seen clearly from any of the main streets of the city.  They followed the inside of the wall around until they came to the inside of a simple, but remarkably tall wooden building.  There was straw on the floor inside, but it was clean and fresh, and had none of the smell of a stable for horses. Wait- that wasn’t right. Enrico no longer had a sense of smell.  This realization came as another shock to him.

There was a corridor down the center of the rectangular wooden building that was open to the ceiling.  Along the length of this open space were several narrow stairways that led to four ascending levels of walkways, each one of which was lined with small doors of exactly the right height for the transmuted, about four feet.

“This is the stable for the transmuted,” explained Rod.  “There are usually between seventy and a hundred of them staying in here.  The most we’ve ever had at one time was a hundred and eighty.  We had to have most of them share rooms.  You’re lucky you don’t have to.  Now, if you’ll look down at the back of your left hand, you’ll see that you each have a serial number.  Those are also the numbers of the room you’re assigned to.  You have rooms 88 and 89, on the third level.”

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