The Questors from Effpiem, Episode 11: …And Back Again

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This episode of “The Questors from Effpiem” can be found in Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #157: Microphone Czech.

About This Episode

With the help of Jack Mangan, the questing party escapes from their enemies and returns to the living world.  What will they discover when they finally return home to the kingdom of Effpiem?

Voice Cast:

In the “Last time on…” segment

  • Lejon from Chandler as Dolucor
  • Ryah Deines as Ryah
  • Ed from Texas as Himself

In the main episode

  • Jack Mangan as Himself
  • Ed from Texas as Himself
  • Lejon from Chandler as Dolucor
  • Jack Hosley as WNDRWolf
  • Brian “Arkle” Webber as the understudy for Jeremy
  • Jessica Sharrow as Jessica
  • Justa J0e as Himself
  • Brian “Arkle” Webber as the understudy for Ditto
  • Paul Maki as John Boze
  • Michael R. Mennenga as King Vox Draconi


  • Opening and Ending Theme: “Journey’s End,” Guardian Mind Mix
  • Battle Music: “Tears Tears,” Walt Ribeiro
  • Jack Mangan’s Guitar: “Our Love Is Fading Away,” Matt Mango
  • Victory Music: “Festival,” The Groove Mine
  • Another Conflict: “Knights of Valor,” The Groove Mine
  • Return to the Living World: “Spirit Man,” Matt Mango
  • Back at the Campsite: “The Heroes Return,” Derek McCorkell
  • Jack Departs: “Kool Katz,” Matt Mango
  • Entering the Throne Room: “The Grand Entrance,” Jim Richmond
  • Audience with the King: “The Mighty Kingdom,” Jason Shaw (Jason Shaw @

Jason Shaw’s music is available from his site,, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

All other music (except for the Matt Mango songs) is available from Music Alley.

Sound Effects:

  • Wolf Howl: Provided by Jack Hosley
  • Clash of Weapons: “sword03,” contributed by Erdie
  • Applause for the Questors: “smallAudienceClapsYuhuu,” contributed by oniwe
  • The Door Opens: “Household drawer 05,” contributed by RHumphries

All sound effects except the wolf howl were provided by The Freesound Project and are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

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