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The Questors from Effpiem, Episode 7: The Home for Infinite Winners

This episode of “The Questors from Effpiem” can be found in Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #135: Bigger and More Sinister.

About This Episode

With their side quest finally complete, the party arrives at the place where their friend Kris is: the Home for Infinite Winners, where good people with good ideas spend their afterlives together. They quickly discover that the rules for how the Home operates prevent all of them from going to see Kris as they had planned. One party member decides to rebel.

Voice Cast:

  • Ed from Texas as Himself
  • Ryah Deines as Ryah
  • Kris Kolish as the understudy for Jeremy
  • Jessica Sharrow as Jessica
  • Justa J0e as Himself
  • Jack Hosley as WNDRWolf
  • Paul Maki as John Boze


  • Opening and Ending Theme: “Journey’s End,” Guardian Mind Mix

Guardian Mind Mix’s music is available at Music Alley.

Next Time: The actions of the rebellious party member lead to an encounter with an unexpected ally.  What devious plan does he have for getting everyone into the Home?


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