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The Questors From Effpiem, Episode 6: The Pantomime Play

This episode of “The Questors from Effpiem” can be found in Jack Mangan’s Deadpan #130: Underworld Garlic Salt.

About This Episode

The party’s bardic and acting skills are put to the test before a live – or rather, dead – audience at the marketplace.  Will it be enough to earn them the item they seek? And what will they do with it when they get it?

Voice Cast:

  • Jack Jaffee as Trucker Overdrive
  • Jack Hosley as WNDRWolf
  • Kris Kolish as the understudy for Jeremy
  • Paul Maki as John Boze
  • Justa J0e as Himself
  • Ed from Texas as Himself
  • Vanamonde as the blacksmith


  • Opening and Ending Theme: “Journey’s End,” Guardian Mind Mix
  • The Musicians on Stage: “The Lady of Setliff Manor,” Marc Gunn

Both pieces of music are available at the Podsafe Music Network Music Alley. (There has been a rebranding since I recorded the audio credits for this episode.)

Sound Effects:

  • Crowd Applause for Musicians: “smallAudienceClapsYuhuu,” submitted by oniwe
  • A Dramatic Chord: didn’t get the name of the contributor, but got it via Soundsnap
  • Crowd Laughs: “Laugh 15,” submitted by J.Zazvurek
  • Crowd Applause for the Play: “smallAudienceLaughsThenClaps,” submitted by oniwe
  • Gate Unlatching and Opening: See notes for Episode 4 – it’s the same sound

Except for the dramatic chord from Soundsnap, all these sound effects were provided by the Freesound Project and are licensed under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 License.

Next Time: Our heroes finally arrive at their destination: the location of the object of the main quest!


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