A very busy Tuesday, or, Savvy Pirate’s Dinner 3.0!

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Lee is back from her vacation! We wanted to catch up on work matters today, but we were only partially successful, because there was so much other exciting stuff to do. First, Dalay invited me to come with her to the L&N building. That’s the state office building where they handle such social services as food stamps. Dalay had set up an appointment for several of her clients, and invited me so that I could see it and experience another part of the process, and so that I could go into the office with one of the clients to hand in his paperwork. My services as an interpreter were not strictly necessary, since the client already speaks English well. The building itself was entirely devoid of decoration or cheer, and reminded me very strongly of my ward office in Japan.

Since the client I was helping finished his appointment first, he and I took the bus back to the office. Then I had lunch, and then I served my hour in the computer lab. In the afternoon, Lee and I ended up going to the warehouse. I had never been to the warehouse before, and I was glad to finally get a mental image of it. We were there to let some repairmen in to fix one of the doors, which are like the one at my parents’ house, only much bigger. I brought a notepad and pen, hoping to finally get a truly accurate inventory of all the donated furniture we have, but this proved to be futile. You can walk in there, but nothing is completely organized by type. There are little pockets of mattresses, chairs, etc. all over the room. I didn’t try to count anything. Instead, Lee and I looked through the room, found all the sheets and blankets we could (we’re running low at our houseware-donation-sorting center in our office basement), loaded them into the car, and put them in the basement when we got back to the office. We were at the warehouse for about an hour, and boy, was it hot, and humid. I was very tired when we were done unloading.

I spent the last hour of the day wrapping up the daily scheduling duties. We have to have one of our guys work on Friday again this week, unfortunately, because there’s an apartment that needs to be set up, but it can’t be done on Wednesday because they’re cleaning and painting it that day. (It’s easier to schedule the setup for Friday than to cancel all the plans I already made for Thursday.)

When I got home, I rested a bit, then went out to the Mid-City Mall to see if the thrift store was open. It wasn’t; it’s only open from 10-5. Too bad. I went to the grocery store instead, to get breakfast for Saturday and the ingredients for…

Yes, that’s right. It’s the Savvy Pirate’s Dinner, Version 3.0! Arrrrr! 😀

Those of you who were reading my blog in its previous incarnation, last year, may remember that while I was in Japan, I got the crazy idea to make a pirate-themed dinner. I liked it so much that I did it twice. The previous two versions are detailed at the top of this page (June 2), and about halfway down this page (July 16).

I decided to make this dinner tonight for the following reasons: I like making it when I get the chance to cook for myself, tonight’s the last night I’ll have much leisure to cook for myself, and I wanted to celebrate my going home and the almost-one-year anniversary of the first version of this dinner.

Version notes for this version:

-I love that we have plates with sailboats on them in this house. It adds to the theme.

-The rum Coca-Cola remains, but no mango juice this time. You just don’t come across it as often in the U.S.

-The fruit salad is back to the original, lime-free recipe, and much better off that way.

-Since we didn’t have any crackers in the house and I didn’t want to buy any just before leaving, I decided to use bread instead. That thing in the upper right corner of the plate is the result of putting a slice of Kraft American cheese on a heel of bread and toasting the whole thing in a toaster oven. The cheese failed to melt as I had hoped, and it wasn’t very good.

-Bacon this time, instead of those other pork strips from Japan. I actually liked it better with the pork strips, especially when I cooked them with garlic and onions.

-For the rice dish, I used a packet of Zatarain’s red beans and rice. This actually turned out to be the best part of the meal. I liked it a lot better than the white rice with peas.

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