A Sunday full of good things

May 25, 2008 at 11:32 pm Leave a comment

This morning, I went to church at St. Matthew’s Episcopal for the last time.  I wasn’t sad about it, at the time.  The service was very nice, as usual, and the music we performed was lovely.  Afterwards, I spoke to Mary Jane Cherry, who I only just realized today is also a parishioner there.  She’s the editor-in-chief of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky’s newsletter, and I had communicated with her via phone and e-mail on numerous occasions to help her cover KRM’s Lunch and Learn event, and my internship, in the newsetter, but we’d never met in person before today.  It was nice to meet her and connect.

We had lunch at home, and then Marion let me take the car to Target to get a new suitcase.  My new one is a little better than the one I brought here. I spent the rest of the afternoon at home, mostly relaxing, but also working on my resume.  I got it sent off to a friend who had offered to read it for me and give me feedback.

After dinner, I drove out again to the local community theater, to see a play called Donde Hubo Fuego… Culpables Quedan (Where There Was Fire… The Guilty Ones Remain). One of my officemates, a guy named Cuiman, was acting in it, and had invited me and another coworker, Shelley, with whom I sat.  I know the play doesn’t sound like it would be a comedy, but it was, and it was very funny.  The plot was as follows: There was a party to celebrate Maria and Manuel’s fortieth anniversary, during which several innocent remarks were misinterpreted as gossip.  Just as the party was deteriorating into mass confusion, a small fire broke out.  The next day, Mr. Jacinto, the manager of the building where the party was held, hired a crazy, hilariously overblown detective to figure out which of the guests was responsible.  Any one of them could have been, but it turned out that it was just an electrical fire caused by a short circuit.  While the case was being solved, the other women who had been at the party gave Susan a makeover and some encouragement, which led to her and Mr. Jacinto confessing their love for each other.  (Cuiman played another guest, Lazaro.)  There was lots of funny stage business and lots of laughs.  Oh, yeah, and the entire play was in Spanish.  It was hard to follow, but at least I got all of the above.  It was a very fun night out, and I’m glad I went.

On my way home, I went by Jane’s (Marion’s sister’s) house to pick up a ticket for Abbey Road on the River that she had decided not to use.  Abbey Road on the River is a Beatles tribute music festival going on right now.  I’m going sometime tomorrow, and I’m really excited.

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