A busy, but productive Monday

May 19, 2008 at 11:50 pm Leave a comment

Today I dedicated myself almost entirely to scheduling pickups of donated furniture over the phone, and organizing the pickup schedule.  Between holding phone conversations with at least five different donors, typing in all the data collected from those phone calls, tabulating and typing in data from today’s pickup run, printing thank-you letters, and figuring out how best to organize the pickup schedule, donation-related tasks genuinely took up the majority of my work time today.  Of these tasks, the latter was the most difficult, but the most rewarding when I completed it.  Creating a good pickup schedule is not as easy as you may think.  It requires balancing the common-sense need to create a convenient, efficient travel route, the limitations on the delivery crew’s time and energy (some of which must be dedicated to setting up apartments), and the needs of the item donors (e.g., having items gone by a particular day or time).  I’m not perfect at it, but I’m doing okay.

I spent a few minutes in the Cuban-Haitian office today, too, during which Rodolfo asked me to do something really cool.  There was this one day (April 3) while I was in Japan when I had to visit the local government branch office.  This involved waiting around in waiting areas, filling out forms, producing documents, and talking to officials, all in my third language.  It was stressful enough as it was, and would have been far, far worse without the help of my kind, helpful local guide.  On Wednesday morning, I get to go through that experience all over again, only this time, I’m the kind, helpful local guide for one of our clients.  That’s some pressure to be under, but I’m looking forward to the chance to speak Spanish, get to know a client, interpret/translate between Spanish and English, and generally be helpful.

I spent another evening relaxing at home.  The other thing I accomplished today (during work, actually) was that I finished writing my blog entry about last Thursday, May 15.  Scroll down the page to see it.

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A very ‘blah’ Sunday Jazz trio music downtown

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