Another fun Saturday downtown, or, “Tell me about all the latest plays.”

May 17, 2008 at 10:09 pm Leave a comment

(Note: This was written well after the fact, on 5/26. Like all my entries written after the fact, it is backdated.)

After sleeping in this morning, I took the bus downtown again for another day out. This time, I went to Waterfront Park. It’s a big, beautiful park that is, indeed, right on the edge of the river. It has several large lawns, a really neat playground, sloping expanses of grass dotted with trees and picnic tables, lots of paved paths, and benches (some of them swings!) facing the river. It was a beautiful, sunny spring day, and I had a wonderful time bicycling through the park. I also stopped to sit in the grass, take in the scenery, and pray.

I spent the second half of the afternoon in Borders, writing (yes, I had my computer with me). I didn’t work on my novel, though; instead, I spent the time developing an idea for a short story that I’d come up with that morning. That was so much fun.

I took the bus home, was there long enough to change into nicer clothes and make a brief appearance at the party going on next door, and then I took the bus right back downtown again to attend a play at the Actor’s Theater of Louisville. It was called “Cruising the Divide,” and it was written by and for locals, but I still enjoyed it. Carol had invited me, and I met her and her husband there, and sat with them. They were also kind enough to give me a ride home afterward.

The play consisted of short character vignettes, monologues, and scenes based on the actual experiences of local citizens who have been involved in the controversy over cruising. I didn’t know this until I saw the play, but up until a couple of years ago, Louisville’s African American community would celebrate on the weekend of the Kentucky Derby by cruising in their cool cars to show them off. There was an entire annual street festival that had grown up around it. Then somebody got shot during these festivities in 2005 (I think), and the police have been making sure cruising doesn’t happen ever since. The point of the play was to present various viewpoints on these events. There was a discussion afterwards, which we only stayed for part of. That night, I realized that Louisville is a city with real people and real issues, just like any other city. I got to see a side of it I had never seen before, and it made me feel close to this place and compassionate toward it. I thought it was wonderful that there were so many concerned citizens who created art to express feelings and communicate information about the issue, and who stayed to discuss it. It was a good thing for me to go and see the play.

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