Yay! It’s Pentecost again!

May 11, 2008 at 11:15 pm Leave a comment

Last year’s Pentecost was among the most joyous days I had while I was in Japan (scroll to the bottom of the page at that link to read what happened).  This year’s was also joyful, but most of the joy was concentrated in the morning rather than the evening.

I deliberately wore the exact same clothes today as I did for last year’s Pentecost (black pants, red shirt that I bought at the Porta mall in Japan), for several reasons: I like them, they’re appropriate, and I knew that I would once again be celebrating the day by speaking another language in front of people, just like last year.  Last year’s Pentecost was the first day I started teaching my Japanese church how to say the Lord’s Prayer in English; today, I was part of a team of seven people who read our New Testament reading in multiple languages.  The languages in question included Spanish, French, Russian, German, Latin (read by the priest), and Japanese.  (I forget what the seventh one was.)   We all rehearsed half an hour before church.

As always, I sang in the choir.  I loved the songs we sang today.  The multilingual reading went just as planned, and it sounded really cool.  First, the reader started reading in English, and then, at a prearranged point, all of us joined in, reading those same words simultaneously in our various languages, while listening to the reader with one ear so that we could all stop speaking at a second prearranged point.  At that point, we each took a turn to say the words “God’s deeds of power,” or their equivalents in the translations we had, in our languages.  We’d decided on the order during rehearsals.  The reader concluded by saying “God’s deeds of power” in English.  It all sounded really cool, and on top of all that, it was windy outside the whole time we were in church.  We couldn’t hear it, but we could see the trees blowing around outside the windows.  I thoroughly enjoyed church today.

After church, I attended Marion’s family’s Mother’s Day brunch.  We had very good food at the home of Marion’s brother and his family. I got home, and spent the entire rest of the day on my guilty pleasure: reading a website called TV Tropes.  (Guilty, because it sucks up time like mad.)  I would have been more productive if it hadn’t rained all day, because then I would have gone out to a coffee shop and written.  (When I want to get work done, I find it helpful to go to any place other than where I’m living.)

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Getting touristy with it! I’m getting the hang of this stuff.

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