My first day of independence in the office!

May 8, 2008 at 11:04 pm Leave a comment

Today was the first day of Lee’s vacation (and Rodolfo’s shorter vacation), so I have Lee’s workstation all to myself from now until Friday, May 23. I started the day feeling excited, happy, and confident about fulfilling the responsibilities I had been given.  I spent part of the morning working on the phone-calling campaign, and I was feeling really good about the progress I was making.

I was not expecting to find myself involved in a breakdown of communication that also involved several other office staff, as well as one client.

I know that happens once in a while in every profession.  It still made me lose a lot of confidence, and put me in a less-than-completely-pleasant mood for the rest of the day.  Chris and I talked about the problem, and it’s as worked-out as it can be for the moment.

Before that, when I wasn’t calling churches, I was upstairs observing the orientation of a family.  It was similar to the cultural and work orientations I’d already seen (it consisted of KRM staff talking to refugee clients through an interpreter about how to navigate life in the U.S.), but this was more interesting, and more inspiring, because it was more personal. Only one staff member, one interpreter, the client family of five, and I were in the room.

Because of all that, I was 15 minutes late to computer lab duty.  It wasn’t busy today, so I spent some of the time continuing the phone-calling campaign using my cell phone. My attempts to help clients with computers only led to my discovering that I could really use some administrative passwords.

I finally finished all my phone calls at about 3, so now all I have to do is wait for people to return them. I ended the day by catching up on donation thank-you letters. I came home, had dinner, wrote a little, then went out to the college group meeting.

That was a lot of fun tonight. We had five people for the Eucharist and eight, at one point, at the pub.  We had a great time chatting, and I now have a friend entering the Episcopal Church’s Young Adult Service Corps, which is great, because we can compare notes on missions activities.

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Not every day can be great. The Ropes

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