A Saturday walk down memory lane

May 3, 2008 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

I slept late this morning, because I stayed up later than I should have on Saturday night. I spent the morning hanging around the house and debating whether to try to get to Churchill Downs or not. At first, I thought I wanted to, but it didn’t work out. The first time I tried to catch a bus, I waited at a stop where the bus I wanted didn’t stop. After watching it pass me, I decided to go to the nearest coffee shop, hang out, and wait for the next bus to come in an hour.

When it came, there was an enormous crowd of at least 50 people, probably college students, drinking beer and waiting for the bus, obviously all going to the Derby together. I stood around with them for a few minutes, but I was thinking, This is not fun for me. Why am I doing this? Because if I don’t, people will ask me why I passed up the opportunity. But I don’t care that much about the event… When it became obvious that there wasn’t going to be enough room on the bus for all of us, I took my bike and retreated to a quiet place under the trees in one of our city’s beautiful parks, where I regrouped and prayed. This helped me conclude that the best thing to do next would be to go exploring on my bike. This turned out to be a very good choice.

I followed Baxter toward the river until I hit Liberty, then turned left. I discovered that Liberty led straight into the part of downtown where I’d attended the NSCS convention two years ago. Because of the Derby, downtown was nearly deserted. I walked around inside the hotel for a few minutes, then crossed the street and got ice cream from the Cold Stone in 4th Street Live!’s food court. I took it to the Borders in the same complex (which I’d forgotten was there) and left it on a table while I shopped for cards to mail to friends. I bought the cards and sat down to write on them and enjoy my ice cream, but the staff of the cafe asked me to leave, because health codes prohibited eating food from other stores at their tables. I went back to the food court, ate my ice cream there, and kept working on the cards. When I was finished, I went back to the Borders briefly to listen to the acoustic music group that was performing there. I would have stayed there to write, but they were closing early, so I decided to just go home. (I could have gone back to the coffee shop to write, of course, but I didn’t because I was really tired by then, and I kind of wanted to watch the Derby on TV.)

At home, I finished my correspondence, and I did watch the Derby on TV. I did not place any bets, but I’m glad I watched it, just for the sake of being aware of what happened. (Marion and I are both sad about Eight Belles.) I had leftover pizza and tomato soup for dinner tonight.

I’m really glad I decided to spend the day bicycling around town. The weather was sunny and beautiful, with lots of puffy clouds (and lots of wind), and it was good to finally finish building the bridge in my mental geographic model of Louisville between downtown (where the convention was) and the Highlands (where I live now). I’ll need to spend more time downtown, though, in order to fully establish in my subconscious mind that those past and present experiences happened in the same place, not two completely different places, as it almost seemed at first.

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Pizza, Karaoke, and Bicycling in the Rain Today was just way too much fun.

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