Today rocked!, or, Dumb Memory #14

April 24, 2008 at 11:06 pm Leave a comment

Today, I spent my day at work doing easy things around the office.  I read a report about Bhutanese refugees, and summarized it. (I’d make a link to the article, but I can’t get to the site it’s on right now.) I also filed more paperwork, added to more spreadsheets, updated a furniture inventory, and printed more thank-you letters.  We got a big donation of pots, pans, china, and other kitchen items today, so I helped unload that from a donor’s van.  Finally, for the first time, I answered the phone to talk to another donor. I was pleased with how well I handled it.  I’m going to need to be able to answer questions over the phone when Lee goes on vacation at the beginning of May. (On a side note, next Monday I’m talking on the phone with the editor of the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky’s newsletter. She’s publishing the article I wrote, with Lee’s help, about Lunch and Learn, and she wants there to be a short piece about me and my internship too.  Yay!)

After work, I decided to try to make it to the Thursday night write-in at a local Barnes and Noble.  I missed my bus, so I sat for almost twenty minutes (listening to podcasts on my iPod) and waited for the next bus on that line.  I failed to realize that that line splits into two routes, and the bus I was on went on the wrong route.  By the time I got to the end of that route, it was already 7:00 (which was when the write-in was starting), so I decided to just take the same bus back and get to the Episcopal Campus Ministry meeting.  I had my computer with me, so I did write a little bit on the bus going back.  I plan to make an audio recording about this experience and submit it to the Deadpan Podcast as a Dumb Memory segment. It will be the 14th such segment I’ve submitted, hence the subtitle of this post.

The University of Louisville’s Episcopal Campus Ministry holds a meeting in my neighborhood every Thursday night.  There’s actually another Episcopal church, the Church of the Advent, just two blocks further down the street from the intersection where I turn to go to work.  They meet there for a relatively informal Eucharist, and then go to O’Shea’s Irish Pub and Restaurant to eat, hang out, and have fellowship.  I was about 15 minutes late, so I came in right as the Gospel was being read, but everyone was very welcoming, especially the priest, who is going to be my mentor.  Counting her, there were five of us there at the Eucharist.

The whole evening was great.  All the people, including the four or five more who joined us at O’Shea’s, were cool and fun to be around. One of them was another professional contact (yay!). Today was definitely not wasted. 🙂

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