A Clothing Giveaway and a Weeknight Write-In

April 22, 2008 at 10:45 pm 1 comment

When I came into work this morning, I found that Shelley and Yovanna had pretty much finished all the setup work for the clothing giveaway the previous day. I spent the morning observing the giveaway, and helping to hand out bags. Here’s how it worked: We had set out a whole bunch of clothes, shoes, and books (but mostly clothes) we’d had donated to us on tables all over the dining room, and hanging up on a clothing rack we had. During the morning, each of the ESL teachers brought their students into the room to pick out things they needed and/or wanted. They sent the newest students first, the ones who had never been to a giveaway before, followed by the veteran students. It made me happy to see people looking through and claiming the clothes. I even got to be a translator between English and Spanish for one of the ESL teachers for a minute, which was kind of cool. I was still blanking on some words, but it was flowing better than I thought it would.

After the few leftover clothes we had remaining at the end of it all were put away, I had lunch, and then turned my attention to office work: more data entry and helping Lee put together a new, more up-to-date version of the Manual for Refugee Sponsorship. We’re doing as much as we can, but for most of it, we’ll have to wait until Church World Service comes out with their updated edition. I’ve also been put in charge of the RSVP list for our next Lunch and Learn, which will be in June, shortly after I leave. I’m glad, because I’ve had so much practice keeping RSVP lists that I think I’m pretty good at it.

Tonight, there was a Script Frenzy write-in at a place called The Pie Pantry, which sells pie and ice cream. I went there in Marion’s Prius (yes, I am allowed to borrow it. No, I didn’t crash it or get into any trouble.), and I had a good time. There were five of us there, and I had ice cream (which was excellent) and caramel apple pie (which I didn’t care for too much.)

write-in group pic

From left to right, the people in the picture are Municipal Liaison (ML) Angela, John (I think), ML Terasita, and me. Another Script Frenzy participant is behind the camera.

The writing is flowing really easily in this particular scene, and I’m having fun with it. Tonight, I looked on the Script Frenzy message boards and discovered a link to this site, which explains how to format a radio script. I’ve started fixing the format of my script, but haven’t gotten much of it fixed yet. I did make the easy fix of changing the whole thing from Times New Roman to Courier font, which caused my script to jump from 25 to 32 pages. (The Script Frenzy challenge is to write 100 pages by the end of April, which I know I’m not going to do, but I still intend to write as much as I can every day until I get this thing done.)

I just realized I was supposed to send a mass update email on Sunday the 20th, and I completely forgot. Darn! I will have to write one ASAP.

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