Catch-up post, or, Yesterday and Today

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There is a good reason why I didn’t write a new post yesterday. Between making shortbread cookies for the bake sale that’s going on Friday and Saturday, and going to choir practice at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church, I had no time at all after work for blogging. Before I get to any of that, though, I will say a little bit about what work was like yesterday.

Yesterday was the day we’d all been waiting for: Lunch and Learn. I spent the morning helping to prepare for it by adding more information to the folders we were giving out, hanging up those directional signs I made (which have been saved for the next time), and arranging baklava on a tray. When the time came, I sat at the sign-in table, welcoming guests and having them sign in (so we could get more people’s e-mail addresses and keep track of who was there), and handing out the folders. I was wearing my nice gray plaid jacket, pink sweater, and black skirt, and I felt very grown-up and professional. All but two of the 19 churches who had given us positive RSVPs were present.

The lunch consisted of food served buffet-style from a local restaurant called Simply Thai (except for the baklava, which was from The Grape Leaf), and it was all delicious. Carol, Lee, Shelley, Liz, and a few of the refugees who we’d invited to attend the luncheon spoke to the group about sponsoring refugee families. It’s too early to tell whether we won over any new sponsors for our refugee families or not, but there were some good, long conversations between our guests and our staff members after lunch, which I see as a hopeful sign.

The only specific thing I remember doing after lunch was printing out a series of directions from MapQuest, for the benefit of our furniture-donation pickup and delivery staff, collectively referred to as “the guys” by the office staff. On my way home, I stopped by the market to get plastic containers to put my shortbread cookies in.

This was, I believe, the fourth time I’ve decided to make shortbread cookies all on my own for some sort of event. I’ve had varying degrees of success. They come out best when they’re made using an electric mixer. We don’t have one in this house. I “creamed” the butter and sugar using a food processor, which was a huge pain, but much better than spending half an hour or more doing it with forks. The oven is a bit quirky, too (or so Marion told me), so all my cookies were either a bit underdone (if they’d been on the top rack) or a bit overdone (the bottom rack), but I boxed them up and took them with me anyway. I dropped them off at the end of the work day today (Thursday), in what had been designated as the dropoff location for cookies.

I actually made the cookie dough, then had dinner, then went to choir (leaving the dough in the fridge), then baked it when I got home. Choir rehearsal lasts from 7:45 to 9:15 P.M. on Wednesday nights; Marion dropped me off on her way to go play tennis. I was thrilled with the warm welcome I received from the choir, especially Barbara, the director. She had a folder full of music and a hymnal set out for me when I got there, and she had already assigned me a spot to hang my robe in the robing room. The rehearsal was fun, but it felt like choir on speed. We blew through each song once or twice, then moved on to the next one. Afterwards, a fellow member let me know that since the church cycles through the same set of songs every three years, just like we do with Scripture passages, most of the members already knew all the songs and were just reviewing them, hence the fast pace. I’m okay with that; I can handle it.

Today was a fun, mostly laid-back day. I got to go and observe another English class today. We have a preschool program that we run on some weekday mornings in the child-care room of the church about a block away from our office; while the children are in preschool, their mothers are in an English class. I got to observe both and meet the members of both, and I enjoyed doing it. Our English students are always so interested in talking to me. After that, I went back to the office, had lunch, and spent the afternoon doing more data entry and writing an article about Lunch and Learn. Lee, Liz, and Carol all looked at it and gave me feedback. I still have to revise it a bit more in the morning.

When I got home today, I spent far too much time reading websites and goofing off. What I did accomplish was contacting the members of the InterVarsity and NSCS chapters at the University of Louisville to ask what their clubs were up to, and whether I could come and participate. (In case you’re thinking, “Oh, no, not that again!”, my defense is that it’s an opportunity for me to get out and about in the city and have fun. Also, since the events that will bring closure to my time as a college student haven’t happened yet, I still want to do some college-student things while I’m doing grown-up things, to ease the transition.)

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