Moving Day, or, there should be sunshine after rain

April 11, 2008 at 10:52 pm Leave a comment

This morning, I got up and got to the office even earlier than yesterday.  At KRM, we have all-staff meetings every other Friday morning (hey, kinda like my mom’s school!) from 8:30 – 9:30.  We all gather in the conference room on the third floor of our building and talk about the latest news and developments in our individual jobs. Some of it was interesting to me, and some of it got me completely lost because, like any line of work, ours has its own lingo, and I’m new, so I don’t know much of it yet.  At one point, we got on the subject of database software, which led to me volunteering to research the benefits of MySQL and what it would take to get it working in our office.

The meeting was followed by light breakfast food in our kitchen and lunchroom, which is also on the third floor, diagonally across the hall from the meeting room.  After grazing on muffins and raspberry danish, Lee and I took the company Dodge Caravan out to an apartment complex where many of our refugee clients live. The apartment managers had contacted KRM and asked us to come and take what we wanted from a former resident’s discarded stuff.  As it turned out, there wasn’t much we wanted: an ironing board, an iron, and a few clothes and shoes that we intend to pass on to Goodwill.

On the way back, we stopped by Marian’s house so I could pick up my house key from her before she went out for the afternoon.  She showed me around the house, which is another older, probably historic house, but larger and more recently updated than the one I was previously in.  I have my own room and half-bath in the basement, which is spacious enough for a bed, nightstand, TV (not that I’m going to watch it), a couple of chairs, and even a couple of old recreation tables. I even have a closet (which I still have to buy or borrow hangers for) and a chest of drawers all to myself, which is great. The household now consists of Marian, her two sons, two cats named Pepper and Jasmine, and me.  The master bath is now the “girls’ bath;” I get to use the shower up there.

I returned to the office and spent much of the afternoon completing the task of calling all those churches, then sending an email to the addresses I’d collected (about eight or nine of them) inviting people from said churches to come to the luncheon we’re having next Wednesday.  I’m very pleased to have finished that task.  The time I didn’t spend on that, I spent having lunch and participating (a little) in a meeting with Lee and two other staffers about that luncheon, in which we hashed out the logistical details and divided up responsibilities.  Both of the meetings I attended today went remarkably smoothly; from what I’ve seen so far, we work together really well as a staff.  I volunteered to be the greeter at the entrance to the room at the luncheon, and to create directional signs to show people how to get to the dining room where we’re holding it.

Carol, who had all my stuff in her car, gave me a ride to Marian’s house after work, stopping by the grocery store on the way so I could buy supplies for the next week or so.  She also helped me carry my groceries and luggage inside.  When I got there, no one was there, so I spent the rest of the evening goofing off on the Internet and preparing and eating a frozen dinner.  I also finally finished and turned in the BAC meeting minutes.

Marian is friendly and easy to live with.  So are the cats, especially Pepper, who likes to follow me around the house and tickle my legs by rubbing up against them.  (I’m not suffering too badly from allergy symptoms at the moment.) I love watching them move, and petting them.

I’m back on my own computer for the first time since I’ve been here. Once again, I can get Internet access via some neighbor’s wireless router. Thankfully, this time I can use it while sitting comfortably at a table inside, not on an outdoor flight of stairs.

Oh, yeah – a thunderstorm started up last night, so it rained on and off most of the day, but the sun started to come out when I went grocery shopping. That’s what today’s subtitle is referring to.

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My first day at KRM, or, my Spanish iz pastede on, yay. A very fun Saturday, or, “You’ve got to go to Dundee for it!”

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