Arrival in Kentucky, or, “Oh, wheeeeere is my hairbrush?”

April 9, 2008 at 10:17 pm Leave a comment

When I landed at the Louisville airport this afternoon at about 4:00 local time, it was drizzling.  I met Lee, the KRM staffer who came to pick me up (and who is a woman, just to clarify), at baggage claim.  While there, I discovered that my suitcase’s zipper, which was misaligned to begin with, had popped completely open at some point today, and the whole suitcase had been placed in a plastic bag. My cosmetics bag (and, as I discovered later this evening, my hairbrush) were gone, and there wasn’t anything to be done about it. I did manage to get the zipper working again, though.

I went to the office and finally met Carol, the director, in person. The next two days are going to be fairly busy. I will be getting to know my new office, and attending the biweekly all-staff meeting on Friday morning. The office is some distance from downtown, and the neighborhood it’s in is old, but it’s charming, beautiful, dignified, and stately because it’s old. After I had seen the office, Carol took me to the nearest Walgreens, which was only a block away, so I could replace my missing cosmetics and toiletries. (I haven’t replaced the hairbrush yet, because I didn’t realize it was gone at the time. Thankfully, I packed my mini-hairbrush in my backpack.)

Carol and her husband Bill took me and Lee to dinner at a funky Mediterranean cafe, and I had a very good roasted vegetable panini. Carol and Bill’s house is very similar to my Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat’s house in terms of layout, but on a slightly smaller scale. They have grown children, so I’m in one of the children’s bedrooms. Good night!

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